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Raft Guide School

Quick Details

Guide School 1 With Multi-Day 3 day 2 night
Guide School 2


This class is only intended for people who are interested in employment not for the general public.

As one of the first companies rafting in Durango, Colorado we know a thing or two about rafting. Additionally, our customers have ranked us #1 on Google. We hope you consider Durango Rivertrippers & Adventure Tours, Flexible Flyers Raft & Jeep, and 4 Corners Whitewater for your future raft guide school. As of 2021, we are 3 local companies in one. If you are looking for an adventurous, exciting, and fast-paced skill then look no further. Becoming a state-certified raft guide is a highly rewarding skill where you get to be outside, stay in shape, work with awesome people, and gain important lifelong river knowledge and leadership skills. The rivers Durango Rivertrippers LLC operates on are the Upper & Lower Animas, Dolores, San Miguel, West Water (Colorado River Moab, UT), Moab Daily, Ruby Horsethief, Rio Chama, and the Piedra. We are in 3 states with daily runs and multiday options. Our raft guides learn multiple rivers and how to do multiday rafting.

During our guide school, you will receive a minimum of 50 hours of training. We do not waste your time and labor helping set up the company but instead, ensure your training is dedicated to the fundamentals of learning to raft and ending with a certificate confirming your certification as a raft guide.

Your training will include how to rig and de-rig boats, paddle guide and/or oar guide, how to read water, white water swimming, rope rescue, and much more. Our graduates will receive a river guide certificate/log certifying them as raft guides within the State of Colorado. This is a lifelong skill that you will certainly enjoy having. The best part is if you want to work as a guide in the area, we are hiring! Although there is no guarantee of employment after guide school we are looking for raft guides. During the class, we will ensure you have the correct gear as well. You will have access at NO EXTRA CHARGE to use the following: Wetsuit, PFD (aka type 5 life jacket), River shoes, Helmet, and Drybag. All you need to do is show up to the class and we have you covered.

Guide School 1 ~ with Multi-Day $250 8 Days

Guide School 2 ~ hours Sunday-Friday 50+ Hours $250