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Durango Jeep Tours ~ La Plata Canyon

Quick Details

2.5 Hour Scenic Waterfall's 4x4 Tour *Mild* ~ Most Popular
Per Person (all ages) Trip Times: 10:00am 1:30pm 5:00pm
4-Hour Full Guided Tour (all ages) *Moderate*
Per Person (all ages) Trip Times: 8:30am 2:00pm
3.5-Hour Private Tour (all ages) *Most Comfort & Customizable
Per Person (all ages) Trip Times: 8:30am 2:00pm (Ask for a custom time)

Most Popular ~ Scenic Waterfall 4×4 Tour ~ 2.5 hours (Mild)

If you love waterfalls you will enjoy this tour. Explore the majestic La Plata Mountains and Canyon near Durango, CO at some of the canyon’s most scenic and beautiful waterfalls. This is a mild scenic tour fun for the entire family who does not want to do the full four-hour tour. We will stop at 3 unique waterfalls for plenty of photo opportunities, as we climb higher into the canyon. Our last waterfall stop is on private property accessible only to Durango Rivertrippers. This stop gets you up close to a stunning 25-30ft waterfall with some old mining structures scattered around the base. We reach around 10,000 feet above sea level and stop to take in the views. This is a great adventure for the entire family. All ages are welcome on this trip however car seats are not provided. NOTE: This tour does not go up to the top of Kennebec Pass and is a mild tour.

You will board into our “Open-Air” vehicle (however we reserve the right to take a Jeep Wrangler if needed). We will drive on the highway for approximately 20-25 minutes to the mouth of the canyon and from there we will start our tour into the canyon. It can get windy so if you get cold easily please bring a jacket or ask for one, we carry extra jackets and blankets but you may need to ask. You will also need to climb a ladder to get in the back of the vehicle. If you have mobility issues ask to ride in the cab and let us know PRIOR to your arrival. We like to say this trip is dirty, dusty, bouncy yet fun and has fantastic views.


Explore the La Plata Mountains on a Half-Day (4-Hour) Jeep Tour with exclusive private access!

Come and experience the La Plata Canyon tour also known as “Kennebec Pass”. This tour will take you up to 12,000 feet at or near the tree line. We get to see the amazing geology of how this canyon was carved out by ancient glaciers leaving the beautiful canyon along the way. We will get the chance to see wildlife such as deer, bears, marmots, birds, elk, and maybe even the elusive mountain lion. All of which have been spotted on our tours. La Plata Canyon is 20 minutes west of Durango, Colorado, and has a history of old Ghost Towns and plenty of old mines to chat about along the way. An absolute bucket list item!

When you book with Durango Rivertrippers you get access to private areas no other company can access. We can take you to our private 25-foot waterfall that sits on an old mining claim from the early 1900s. Our Jeep trail tours are the best in the area! On our Jeep Tours, you will board our “open-air” vehicle (however, we reserve the right to take a Jeep Wrangler if needed) and head into the “crown jewel” of the San Juan Mountains. Our tours are the perfect way to make the most out of your day with our half-day adventure, leaving the other half of the day for one of our many other adventures like rafting down the mighty Animas River. Book with the best and highest consumer-rated company in Durango, Co.


Check out our Custom Safari Tour page

Custom safari tours have more freedom to spend more time in areas or less depending on what you like. We will load up our vehicle and head into the mountains where we will start our journey. Once we reach the end of the Jeep Trails we will take some more pictures in high alpine meadows and basins before heading back. Click here for the custom safari tour page.

Durango Rivertrippers LLC is an equal opportunity service provider and employer and operates under special use permit #COL937 from the USDA Forest Service, San Juan National Forest.