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Durango Jeep Trail Tours

Quick Details

Guided Tour
Adult Ages 12+
Youth Ages 4-11
Twilight Tour
Adult Ages 12+
Youth Ages 4-11
Private Tour Call to Book
Shoulder Season Tour Call to Book

Explore the La Plata Mountains on a 3.5 Hour Jeep Trail.

Looking to discover the amazing landscape of Durango in an offroad vehicle? Our Jeep trail tours are the best in the area! On our offroad tours you will board our “open-air” vehicle (however, we reserve the right to take a Jeep Wrangler or SUV as needed).

We will drive on the highway approximately 20-25 minutes to the mouth of the canyon and from there we will start our tour into the canyon.

It can get windy so if you get cold easily please bring a jacket or ask for one, we carry extra jackets and blankets but you may need to ask. Our tours are the perfect way to make the most out of your day with our 3.5 hour of adventure, leaving the other half of the day for one of our many other adventures.

Twilight Tour 2.5-3 Hours

Want to experience the majesty of the La Plata Mountains and Canyon near Durango, CO at one of the most scenic and beautiful times of day? Book our Twilight Tour!

The twilight tour head into the same canyon as the full tour but we do not go up as high in the canyon. As dusk approaches and the mountains come alive you’ll tour through La Plata Canyon. We get to around 10,000 feet above sea level and stop to take in the views. This is a great adventure for the entire family. Ages 4 and up are welcome on this trip, however, car seats are not provided so please bring one if needed.