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Durango & Silverton Jeep Trail Tours

Explore Colorado's Majestic Backcountry with a Jeep Trail Tour

Explore the San Juan Mountains above Silverton, Colorado, and La Plata Canyon near Durango, Colorado. Ascend to over 12,000 feet and explore the waterfalls, ghost towns, and wildlife of real Colorado. You will get to experience these areas in our off-road vehicles.

The Finest Jeep Trail Tours in Colorado

Join us for a Jeep trail tour in either Durango or Silverton, CO. We are the only company that offers access to our own private mining claims.

Our Durango offroad tours travel through La Plata Canyon and ascend toward the Kennebec Pass. Along the way, you will discover the old ghost town of La Plata City, an early mining town established in 1875. View the old framework of the town, its foundations, and even its chimneys left behind.

Learn about the local lore and experience breathtaking views, wildlife, majestic waterfalls, mines, and fully enjoy Colorado at its finest. This is an excellent opportunity to explore areas that are hard to reach. For adventurous things to do in Durango, just sit back and relax while our experienced guides show you why we offer the BEST Jeep trail tours in Durango.

Our Silverton offroad tours travel along the scenic byway from Durango to picturesque Silverton, Colorado. We will stop at our office in Silverton for an orientation before boarding our open-air 4×4 where you will explore Colorado’s pristine high country. This tour travels through Picuayne Gulch then drops down California Gulch as we head to the mining ghost towns above Silverton, CO.

Along the way, discover the famous old ghost town of Animas Forks, an early mining town established in the 1800s. View the old framework of the town foundations and even go inside the old buildings. Get exclusive access to our own private mining claims during the tour. In addition to the local lore, you will experience breathtaking views, wildlife, waterfalls, and more.

All ages are welcome on these trips. Our tours are the perfect way to make the most out of your day. Be sure to check out our rafting and inflatable kayak adventures for more adventure options.

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