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Silverton RZR/ATV Rental

Quick Details

2-Hour Rental Price includes up to 4 People
4-Hour Rental Price includes up to 4 People
6-Hour Rental Price includes up to 4 People

Rent a Polaris RZR at our Silverton, CO location, and hit the backcountry!

All our Polaris RZR rentals are rented out of Silverton, Colorado, a small mountain town in the heart of trail country, located approximately 48 miles north of Durango about an hour and fifteen-minute drive from Durango.

Conveniently, RZRs are located in the small town of Silverton, Colorado right near the trailhead, so you can gear up, get in, and begin your mountain adventure in no time at all. From our front door directly to the trails.  You can experience ghost towns, amazing mountain views at over 10,000 feet, and mountain passes like Engineer Pass, Cinnamon, and Hurricane just to name a few. There are more trails in our network than a person can ride in a week. You will have plenty of options.

Important notes:

  • MUST BE 25 to rent and drive with a valid driver’s license and proof of vehicle insurance
  • Eye protection must be worn at all times like sunglasses (NOT PROVIDED)
  • Children between ages 4-8 years old must ride in a child restraint per Colorado Law. (NOT PROVIDED)
  • Major Credit Cards only for all rentals
  • No security deposit is needed however you are responsible for any damage caused to the machine (You dent it, you break it, you replace it.) Simply put, bring back the machine the same way you found it.
  • We do not charge per person just per unit. The prices reflect a rental for a 4-seat unit.

What is provided:

  • 2-Way GPS Texting/Tracking Devise for your safety
  • Fuel and Washing are included in your rental (we fill it we wash it)
  • A highly maintained fleet
  • Helmets (You can bring your own if DOT approved)
  • Use of Trail maps and trail information
  • Customized itinerary


Tire and Belt Coverage includes the following:

Tire and Belt Coverage includes the following. Simply add the package during your checkout! 

  • Belt Coverage (If you burn up a belt we fix it not you) $250
  • Tire protection coverage (we cover the cost of tire replacement) $250

Additional Information