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Code Of Conduct

At Durango Rivertrippers & Adventure Tours and its affiliated entities, we are dedicated to ensuring that all guests, participants, and team members have a courteous, welcoming, and comfortable adventure journey. To uphold this standard, we kindly request all participants and staff to interact with each other in a manner that upholds dignity, integrity, and respect.

  • Respect for Diversity and Identity

    • We honor and respect each individual’s unique identity, including but not limited to ability, age, ethnicity, sex, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, economic class, education, immigration status, political beliefs, religion, and veteran status.

  • Boundaries and Consent

    • We emphasize the importance of respecting interpersonal boundaries and seeking consent in all interactions, including asking permission before taking photos of others and before posting photos on social media.

  • Prohibited Behaviors

    • Our commitment to a respectful environment prohibits behaviors such as harassment, bullying, hazing, using obscene or discriminatory language or jokes, engaging in sexual solicitation, abusing alcohol or drugs (including marijuana, which is prohibited on Federal lands and National Parks), and bringing firearms on trips.

  • Privacy and Discretion

    • We prioritize giving each other privacy and discretion during private moments on both river and backcountry adventures, such as using restrooms, changing clothes, bathing, and other personal activities.

  • Environmental Responsibility

    • We promote environmental responsibility by encouraging guests to smoke/vape away from others, downwind, and away from fire hazards, and by refraining from bringing speakers to wild areas where amplification is prohibited, allowing everyone to connect with nature in a quieter, more serene environment.

    • Leave no trace principles will be adhered to during the duration of all our experiences.

  • See Something Say Something

    • If you notice or experience any inappropriate behavior during our trips or at our office, we urge you to promptly inform a staff member, trip leader, or management.

    • We strongly believe in making the outdoors accessible and enjoyable for all, and we greatly appreciate the commitment of our staff and guests in creating a safe and positive environment during our adventures.

    • Failure to adhere to our code of conduct may result in individuals being removed from the adventure at their own expense.