train_resellerDurango Rivertrippers & Adventure Tours are proud to be an authorized train ticket reseller for the Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad. As Durango’s adventure experts, we want to help you make the most of your train ride aboard the famous Durango Train so we have put together a How-To guide for your Durango and Silverton train experience.  For each section, make sure to check out our Pro Tips to help answer questions and avoid common pitfalls.

The Durango Train How-To Guide

How do I purchase tickets?

The Durango train trip is a popular tourist activity. People come from all over the world to take the historic ride through the beautiful San Juan Mountains. Don’t miss out on this opportunity by not planning ahead. Reserve your tickets online. Reservations made online will receive a confirmation number. Simply bring this confirmation number to claim your tickets at the depot.

Pro-tip: Reserve your Durango train tickets early for best availability.
How do I pick up tickets?

Tickets need to be picked up the evening before the train trip. Final boarding is 30 minutes prior to departure.

Pro-tip: Please be seated on the train no later than 30 minutes prior to departure or your seat may be released to waiting passengers.
What if I need to change or cancel my tickets?

A fee of $14 per adult and $7 per child will be applied to cancellations. No refunds are given within 5 days of the trip. No-shows are not refundable.

There is a $6 fee per seat to change travel date, departure time, or car.

Child playing on the Durango train tracks

What Cars are available and can I choose my seat?

The historic Durango Silverton Train
What kind of seating is available

All seats are assigned on the train ride so be sure to book early to guarantee your spot!

You can choose your train car type and class of service. There are a variety of train cars and services available, so you can choose one that fits both your travel needs and your budget.  Classes of service include:

  • Standard / Coach Service
  • Deluxe Class Service
  • First Class Service
  • Presidential Class Service
Pro Tip: Some train cars are not suitable for younger passengers but there are many family-friendly options.
Coach Class Seating

Coach Class Seating, or standard seating, is available on the Open Gondola and Vintage Closed train cars. Both cars are suitable for all ages.

Pro Tip: Ride the Open Gondola car for the most unobstructed views but remember that cinder is a part of the experience so don’t wear your Sunday best.

The Open Gondola Car

Gondola_SeatsThe Open Gondola car is open-air around the sides with a covered roof. This train car features bench-style seating and allows the most unobstructed views of the gorgeous scenery. Since it is open air, we recommend that you dress in layers to accommodate the changeable mountain weather.

Pro-tip: Mountain weather is cooler. Dress in layers to stay comfortable as you change elevations as there can be 10 – 20 degree shifts in temperature.

The Vintage Closed Car

The Vintage Closed car features standard class seating. Seats are similar to an airplane layout, with one aisle seat and one window seat. Oversized windows ensure that even those passengers on the aisle will have a great view.


Click below to view the seating charts for each car:


Deluxe Class Seating

rio_grande_seatingDeluxe Class Seating features roomier seats than coach, and passengers receive a souvenir mug that you can fill in the concession car. Deluxe cars are open only to passengers aged 12 years and up. The San Juan Narration car and the Rio Grande car offer deluxe class Durango Train seating.

  • The San Juan Narration car has a closed-vestibule coach featuring roomy, comfortable seating in a three-across arrangement.
  • The Rio Grande train car is an open-air observation gondola. It boasts large overstuffed seats and expansive windows.

Click below to view the Deluxe Class Seating Charts:

rio_layout san_juan

First Class Seating

KnightSky on Turntable 1First Class Seating is available on five train cars. Some of the cars do have age restrictions, but all cars will provide special features unique to themselves.

The Silver Vista train car is for passengers 12 years and up. It is the only narrow gauge, glass-roofed observation car, offering majestic overhead mountain views and open-air sides. This car also features the most legroom of any car on the line plus a private outdoor viewing platform.

Pro Tip: Wear layers to accommodate the cooler mountain temperatures.vista_layout

The Alamosa Parlor car is for passengers 21 years and older. This car features table and chair lounge seating, an exclusive outdoor viewing platform, and a private attendant. A full cash bar is included.


The Yankee Girl Parlor car is designed for ages 21 years and older. This historic train car was built in 1880 and boasts the details and atmosphere of the Victorian era but has undergone a remodel to provide passengers with all the modern comforts. A private attendant is on hand to serve beverages and answer questions about the area.

Pro Tip: Ask the attendant about the trip’s best photo opportunities.

Yankee Girl seating chart

The Knight Sky and The Prospector cars both welcome passengers of all ages.

The Knight Sky is an open-air car with a glass-paneled roof. Take in the panoramic scene while relaxing in the roomy reclining seating. Along with your seat in this magnificent car, you will receive a souvenir tote bag and mug, a morning pastry, and complimentary non-alcoholic beverages served by the private attendant.

knight sky seating assignment v1

The Prospector train car features table and chair style seating, an attendant, and complimentary non-alcoholic beverages. Sip from your souvenir mug while following the enlarged route map displayed on the ceiling of the car.

Pro Tip: The Prospector is a great car for families that want a little more room.


Presidential Class

For those wanting the most comfort and service available, Presidential Seating Class is available for passengers 21 years and older on two outstanding train cars.

The Cinco Animas is a gorgeous private car resplendent in the Victorian fashion. It includes both Pullman and Parlor seating, a large outdoor viewing platform, a private attendant, and a cash bar.


The Nomad was built in 1878 and features distinctive seating areas plus a stateroom for four. It offers a large outdoor viewing platform as well as an attendant and cash bar.


Additional Important Details

Special Accommodations

Special Accommodations
Any special needs should be communicated at booking. The Durango Train offers a wheelchair accessible restroom and lift service. Service animals are allowed onboard.

Compliancy Rules

The Durango Train is smoke-free. No smoking is allowed in any car, platform, bathroom, or other onboard areas.

No alcohol can be brought on the train. Alcoholic beverages can be purchased onboard.

Firearms are not permitted. For special handling concessions such as hunting or backpacking, please contact the reservation office to make arrangements.

Pets are not permitted.  Only registered service animals are allowed to board the train.

Durango Silverton Train in Winter
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