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Merger with Kokopelli Rafting


Navigating New Horizons: Durango Rivertrippers & Adventure Tours Joins Forces with Kokopelli Raft
In the world of outdoor adventure, synergy often leads to spectacular new journeys. Such is the case with the merger between Durango Rivertrippers & Adventure Tours and Kokopelli Rafting Adventures, a union that promises thrilling escapades and boundless exploration. In 2023, these two esteemed companies joined hands, marking the dawn of a new era in river tourism.
The fusion of Durango Rivertrippers, renowned for its expertise in organizing unforgettable river trips, with Kokopelli Raft, a stalwart in the rafting industry, was a natural progression. Together, they bring decades of experience, a passion for adventure, and a commitment to providing unparalleled customer satisfaction.
One of the most exciting developments following the merger is Durango Rivertrippers’ expansion into the Rio Grande River in New Mexico. Leveraging the expertise of Kokopelli Rafting, Durango Rivertrippers now offers exhilarating trips on the Taos Box, Racecourse, and Lower Gorge Canyon.
One of the most majestic river is the renowned Racecourse, a thrilling rafting expedition that promises heart-pounding rapids and awe-inspiring scenery. As you embark on this adrenaline-fueled journey, prepare to be captivated by the raw power and beauty of nature. The Racecourse is a dynamic and challenging section of the Rio Grande, renowned for its Class I-III+ rapids that will keep even the most seasoned rafters on their toes.
For those seeking a bigger challenge the Taos Box is renowned for its challenging Class IV and V rapids, each one a thrilling obstacle course of swirling eddies, towering waves, and heart-stopping drops. But it’s not just the rapids that make the Taos Box so special – it’s the sheer beauty of the canyon itself. Towering cliffs rise dramatically from the riverbanks, their rugged faces etched with the passage of time. From the tranquil beauty of calm stretches to the adrenaline-fueled rush of navigating treacherous rapids, every moment on the Taos Box is an adventure waiting to unfold.
So, if you’re ready to embark on the ultimate whitewater adventure, gather your friends, grab your paddles, and set course for the Rio Grande River. Thrills, excitement, and unforgettable moments await as you ride the rapids and experience the magic of one of New Mexico’s most iconic rivers.

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Join us on a raft trip down the San Miguel River in Telluride, CO. In the spring and early summer this snowmelt-fed river plunges from the high peaks of the San Juan Mountains. NOTE: This river flows typically during the end of May and stops at the end of June. The dates we have loaded are the dates we are running this river. If you are looking for rafting in July and August check out our Durango River Rafting page.