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Durango – Get Outside!

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Outdoor Adventure

Nestled in southwest Colorado not far from the San Juan National Forest, Durango is well-known for its winter sports and summer adventures. Experiencing the outdoors is a way of life in Durango. From skiing and snowboarding during the winter to whitewater rafting and zip-lining in the summer, Durango offers outdoor adventure at its finest.

While Durango’s class III whitewater park in the heart of town tends to dominate summer outdoor attractions, the area offers much more, especially for those looking to stay dry. With easy access to hiking trails and Jeep routes, outdoor opportunities are bountiful.

Jeeping Vs. Hiking

Durango Jeep RentalsJeeping and hiking each have their own unique benefits, but it can’t be denied that both offer exhilarating views and the chance to experience nature in a unique way. Let’s explore a quick comparison between the two.

Jeeps allow you access to areas that other vehicles can’t traverse while hiking lets you blaze your own trail. Hiking is great exercise, challenging your body to perform, while Jeeping will raise your heart rate with its thrills. Hiking gets you closer to nature, and Jeeping takes you farther, allowing you to scale difficult terrain.

Whether you prefer engine-power or self-power, Durango has a trail for you.

If you’re interested in hiking while in Durango, one of the best trails in America is located nearby. The Colorado Trail starts just a few miles outside of Durango and offers a variety of activities and easy access points. The Colorado Trail runs some 500 miles between Durango and Denver. The closest segment of the trail to Durango offers hikers and bikers a 22-mile trip between the Kennebec Trailhead and Junction Creek Trailhead. This picturesque trail is abundant with wildflowers and fish-filled ponds. The difficulty rating is moderate. Expect some challenges along its 2000 foot ascent.

For those of you craving the challenge of taking a Jeep off-road, cruise on up to the former mining town of Animas Forks some 12 miles above Silverton. Check out the wildflowers and wildlife along your trip to the top of the Continental Divide. These tumultuous roads are perfect for Jeeps. You can rent a Jeep from Durango Rivertrippers & Adventure Tours, or if you prefer to sit back and enjoy the scenery, we can do the driving for you in one of our 4×4 tours. Road conditions are subject to change during the season, so be certain to check in with us for the latest conditions before you head out.

Hiking or Jeeping, the personal reward of getting outside and experiencing Colorado is the same. What are you waiting for? Stop by Durango Rivertrippers & Adventure Tours and let us help you plan your getaway.

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Join us on a raft trip down the San Miguel River in Telluride, CO. In the spring and early summer this snowmelt-fed river plunges from the high peaks of the San Juan Mountains. NOTE: This river flows typically during the end of May and stops at the end of June. The dates we have loaded are the dates we are running this river. If you are looking for rafting in July and August check out our Durango River Rafting page.