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Stand Up Paddle Board Durango

Stand Up Paddleboards and Inflatable Kayaks

a group of people rowing a sup in the water

Whitewater rafting in Durango is fantastic, but there’s more than one way to experience the refreshing mountain waters. Stand Up Paddleboards Rent a Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP) to experience the calmer lakes in the Durango area….

Avoid These 3 Common Stand-Up Paddle Boarding Mistakes

Stand-up paddle boarding is the fastest growing water sport for good reason: it’s a fun and challenging way to explore! Durango, Colorado is a beautiful place, and stand-up paddle boarding is a unique way…

Beginner Tips for Stand-Up Paddle Boarding in Durango, Part 2

a man sup in a body of water

If you’re looking for a unique Durango activity, try the fastest growing water sport: stand-up paddle boarding. It’s a fun, challenging workout, and also great way to enjoy the water and gorgeous scenery of…

Beginner Tips For Stand-Up Paddle Boarding In Durango, Part 1


Anyone looking for a Colorado adventure that they are sure not to soon forget can benefit from renting a stand up paddle board (SUP) and hitting the open water with our outdoor adventure company. Durango Rivertrippers & Adventure Tours is proud to be your source for lessons and adventures with your stand up paddle board…